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Enterprise asset management MC product operations

Enterprise asset management MC product operations

Todd Durocher

Principal, Advisory Services

KPMG in the U.S.


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KPMG’s Product Operations team is pleased to announce a new set of solutions and offerings tailored to meet the evolving EAM needs of our clients in the Power & Utilities sector

The utility industry continues to experience significant change and is primed for further transformation. Changing customer demands, progressive regulation, rapid technology advancement, and non-traditional capital sourcing are creating a new environment to which utilities must adapt. The industry must transform its operating models, business processes, enabling technologies, and infrastructure to manage the increasingly complex landscape of modern energy delivery.

Furthermore, federal and state regulators are increasingly focused on ensuring implementation of leading enterprise asset management (EAM) practices. This expansion is occurring because, historically, the distribution network has operated in a “run until failure” model due to the cost of monitoring relative to the cost of the assets. This approach is no longer viable as the industry focus shifts towards customer choice, security, and resiliency.

Utilities are responding to this changing environment by realigning EAM operating models, and transforming the processes, technology platforms, organizations, and culture that support them.

We are distributing marketing materials to share with client account teams in this space, to identify client triggers and opportunities. The attached materials provide for more information on how we can help your clients and account teams address challenges in the EAM space.

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