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The 2018 U.S. CEO Outlook is based on a survey of 400 U.S. CEOs plus conversations with a dozen leading CEOs about the issues they are facing. It is part of KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook, for which KPMG surveyed 1,300 CEOs around the world.

Ninety-nine of the U.S. CEOs lead companies with revenues from $500 million to $999 million, 160 from companies with revenues of $1 billion to $9.9 billion, and 141 from companies with revenues of $10 billion or more. They represent all major industries: automotive, banking, energy, infrastructure, insurance, asset management, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer and retail, technology and telecommunications. The survey and CEO interviews were conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of KPMG in the first quarter of 2018.

The 900 CEOs outside the U.S. include leaders of many of the world’s largest and most complex businesses. The research was conducted by Longitude on behalf of KPMG in the first quarter of 2018. Respondents were split across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, the Nordics and Africa.

Please note that, due to rounding, the numbers presented throughout our report may not add up exactly to the totals provided, and percentages may not reflect the absolute figures precisely.

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