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Safeguarding real estate investment trusts

Safeguarding real estate investment trusts

Six key strategies to help avoid trouble


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Safeguarding real estate investment trusts

Navigating changing global markets, interest rate fluctuations, and shifts in real estate investment activity by geography and property type. The launch of a new global real estate sector index. More pressure to achieve long-term value appreciation in a market with more competition for investment opportunities. Cyber threats abound, becoming more precipitous with unprecedented technological advances. Managing career paths of talent and retaining top quality employees.

All of these potentially disruptive developments are taking place at increasing speeds. What’s more, news — especially bad news — travels around the globe almost instantaneously thanks to the Internet and social media.

The upshot of all this is that the value of a REIT can plunge even before there’s a chance to react. That’s why it’s essential for REITs to keep close watch on the myriad of strategic, operational, and external risks that can potentially impact them. Equally, if not more, important is for these firms to have an effective risk management framework in place.

This article provides a six-part framework that can help guide REIT risk management professionals in the development of their own third-party risk management (TPRM) program.

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