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Monitoring and auditing the quality reporting process

Monitoring and auditing the quality reporting process

November 2017 Compliance Today article


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»»Risk-based reimbursement, dependent on a variety of quality measures reported to external registries, is part of provider organizations’quality outcomes and financial and operational strategies.

»»The Compliance department should incorporate quality reporting into monitoring and auditing activities with an annual refreshof different quality measures and registries included in internal work plans.

»»Compliance-driven reviews of quality reporting will help engage leadership and the board in the importance of compliance toreporting requirements and their related impact on financial reimbursement.

»»Audits of quality reporting should assess and document the processes and technologies in place for data collection, validation,and submission to comply with regulatory requirements of quality measures.

»»A quality reporting review should also account for the additional elements of roles/responsibilities, governance, and ongoingmonitoring efforts that drive corrective action and performance improvement.


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