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What’s trending in Audit Innovation?

What’s trending in Audit Innovation?

A collection of firmwide thought leadership, media articles, and innovation initiatives.


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KPMG Innovation Initiatives

KPMG Innovation Initiatives


KPMG’s Professors-In-Residence to Research Audit Innovation Opportunities and Implications for the Future
Two accounting professors are working with KPMG LLP as the first-ever KPMG James Marwick professors-in-residence, a new program focused on evolving innovation opportunities and understanding challenges in the audit profession.


KPMG Ignite Accelerates Strategies For Intelligent Automation and Growth
KPMG announces the launch of KPMG Ignite, a portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities aimed to unlock the value of AI by enhancing, accelerating and automating decisions and processes that support clients' digital transformation journeys.

KPMG Ignition in San Francisco: Helping Clients Identify Next Big Disruption
The Innovation Lab at KPMG Ignition in San Francisco has opened, offering clients an outside-in perspective on the signals of change that could lead to disruption.

KPMG Ignition Opens in Atlanta
KPMG Ignition in Atlanta boasts 22,000 square feet of work space geared for advanced technologies, close collaboration, and enhanced flexibility. The space also enhances collaboration with KPMG alliances, such as IBM, Appian, and Oracle.

KPMG to Build Learning, Development and Innovation Center
Our new learning, development, and innovation facility will further enhance world-class training capabilities for partners and professionals. Construction is underway at the 55-acre campus at Lake Nona in the City of Orlando, Florida.



KPMG Audit Media


Embracing Innovation: Disrupt Before You Are Disrupted
How are organizations innovating for the future? KPMG Innovation Executives chat with start-up executives about ways organizations are making innovation happen, from signals to action. Watch for more.

Forbes: KPMG's Lynne Doughtie on the Role of Innovation and Collaboration in the Age of Convergence
Forbes Insights discusses the findings of the KPMG CEO Outlook report with Lynne Doughtie, U.S. Chairman and CEO.

The Wall Street Journal: Innovation is More Than the Next Big Thing by Lynne Doughtie
According to KPMG’s CEO Outlook Report, fostering innovation is high on CEO’s list of concerns, surpassed only by meeting customer demands.

The Wall Street Journal Series: KPMG on Innovation 
At KPMG, one of our strategic priorities is Innovation at Our Core, which starts with our vision and strategy and forms the core of how our people think about themselves, their clients, and the firm. 

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership


Forbes Insights: Digital Transformation
The new KPMG / Forbes Insights survey shares how digital transformation and the explosion of data are impacting the audit and how organizations are moving forward.

Audit 2025 Report
According to the KPMG / Forbes Insights Audit 2025 Report, company management wants to hear more from the external auditor about financial and non-financial risks, and any forward-looking view of their industry and the marketplace. 


Harvard Business Review: Advanced Analytics and the CFO
A renewed wave of digital transformation, including advanced analytics, fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is breaking over the corporate finance function. This calls for CFOs to act – or risk the relevance of the finance function. What should they consider as the move forward?

Auto CEOs: Disruption Meets Innovation
Facing an evolving set of challenges, automotive CEOs must speed ahead to grasp the nuances of innovating technologies, and invest confidently in the right technologies to gain the most positive impact on their business, as well as outpace competitors. Where will they invest? 

Capitalizing on Robotics: Driving Savings with Digital Labor
This report explores financial considerations that are common to all digital labor projects. 

KPMG Perspectives on Disruptive Innovation
New insights on how to become a disruptive organization.

Missing Link: Navigating the disruption risks of blockchain
Explore risk considerations to both providers and users in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies
Gain perspectives on technology innovation trends, top barriers to commercialize innovation and insight into technology innovation leading practices.

Harvard Business Review: Embracing Disruption with Innovation
Technology is speeding the pace of change in industry after industry. CEOs must position their companies to take advantage of innovation before they are beaten by it.

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