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Opportunities in the Mexican Electricity Sector

Opportunities in the Mexican Electricity Sector


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The Mexican market has been liberalized for the generation and supply of electricity; Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, for its acronym in Spanish) has become a competitor in the marketplace to operate under a competitive environment, and private investors will be able to install new power plants, creating a Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).

Market entrants may participate in a competitive environment to select the provider that best suits their needs, inevitably forcing an eventual reduction in prices, beneficial to all stakeholders.

The WEM implementation brings plenty of opportunities for private investors to participate in the expansion and modernization of the Mexican Electricity Sector, in every link of the industrial chain; in addition it means tangible opportunities for consumers as well.

KPMG’s Global Strategy Group has developed an analysis on changes taking place in the country’s power sector due to deregulation, which represents massive potential investment opportunities.

We encourage you to view our full report, which can be found below.

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