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Embracing disruption: Telecom CEO Outlook 2017

Embracing disruption: Telecom CEO Outlook 2017

Telecom CEOs have become adept at anticipating and managing the challenges of rapid change


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KPMG’s 2017 U.S. Telecom CEO Outlook provides insights from 84 telecom industry CEOs in the United States and focuses on key areas including disruptive technology, investment priorities, strategic priorities for the future, and reshaping the workforce. Findings include:

  • Telecom CEOs have become much more comfortable with the pervasive disruption within the industry than they were a year ago. Furthermore, a vast majority see their organizations as actively disrupting the sector, rather than waiting to be disrupted by their competitors.
  • Cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, and emerging technologies were the top investments made by telecom CEOs during the past 12 months, followed closely by innovation, physical infrastructure, governance/risk, and regulatory compliance.
  • As telecom CEOs determine where to expand their capabilities, they are setting investment priorities on the emerging technologies that will have the greatest market impact. CEOs are placing their bets on three emerging technologies: the Internet of Things (IoT), data and analytics (D&A), and cognitive intelligence.
  • KPMG’s survey asked telecom CEOs how emerging cognitive technologies would affect headcount over the next three years. The majority said they expected it to require a significant increase in their workforce in the areas of IT, middle management, senior management, and marketing and communications.

These CEOs largely indicated that they are faring well with the current pace of change and, in many cases, getting out in front of it to become the disruptor, rather than lagging behind as the disrupted. But what if the pace of change accelerates? With disruption as a constant, how are telecom CEOs shoring up for the next big market shift that threatens to encroach on their core services and erode their customer base? Staying agile is only part of the solution.

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