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The Great Rewrite: Media

The Great Rewrite: Media


Media National Sector Leader

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The Great Rewrite: Media

Changes in how content is distributed can ripple out to affect the entire media landscape.

“It’s a whole new world,” said Paul Wissmann, national sector leader of KPMG’s media and telecommunications practice. “In a world where we can look up anything we want, and find it through a search bar or an algorithm that tells us — based on our likes or past viewing habits — what’s out there, traditional entertainment providers are losing market prominence and need to reinvent themselves to be relevant in the emerging ecosystem.”

What is the “The Great Rewrite?

The world is being rewritten around us and the industries we know today are undergoing systemic changes, transforming the way we do business. KPMG partnered with Forbes to take a closer look at these paradigm shifts in a new film, print and event series, “The Great Rewrite.”

Leonard Brody, entrepreneur and best-selling author, created the concept based on a decade’s worth of research and application, describing what he believes is the greatest era of institutional change in the history of our planet. KPMG is joining the conversation, bringing deep experience and expertise to explore the deep impacts of all this change.


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