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KPMG and Dell Boomi integration alliance

KPMG and Dell Boomi

With Dell Boomi and KPMG, your business can be ready to move quickly toward the next transformation--even faster and more effectively.



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Time to rethink your integration approach?

To keep pace with your competition and take full advantage of technology advancements, your organization must be able to manage a lot more data, moving a lot faster. That virtual tsunami of data must also be accurate, reliable, validated, relevant, and timely. For businesses striving to drive digital transformation throughout their organization, they need to have an approach to application and data integration that is robust enough to support the large influx of new data sources while also flexible enough to support the innovations planned on your enterprise road map.

Most companies are already down the path on their cloud transformation journey—meaning that at least some of their applications are in the cloud. But hybrid architectures have struggled to keep up, creating outdated Information Technology (IT) infrastructure that struggles to provide the capabilities required to support a complete enterprise cloud transformation. Working with our clients to address these challenges, KPMG recommends an enterprise-level integration platform that can provide all the features and capabilities required to support your agile business needs.

Now there is a next generation of middleware to address your enterprise-wide need for speed and higher data volume, it is called integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It is middleware for the cloud. And while it has been around for a few years, it is now becoming the default integration technology for organizations that have come to realize traditional, on-premises approaches are no longer viable.

What's different about iPaaS?

You and your leadership team might wonder why you cannot use your existing middleware tool. The fact is that most traditional middleware systems struggle to work with new data and application models—especially when supporting cloud, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. While your Software as a service (SaaS) application might come with its own integration tool, those options are usually very limited. iPaaS allows you to easily address virtually any integration scenario. On the ROI front, iPaaS is five times less expensive than traditional middleware—with development time averaging up to 70 percent faster than traditional integrations, so it is likely to save your budget. According to industry analysts, about 35 percent of an organization’s software maintenance budget is spent managing the multitude of point-to-point application links already in place.

iPaaS helps organizations take full advantage of the cloud by allowing you to get started faster, with no hardware to set up or software to install, as well as virtually no ramp-up time. Additionally, in many cases Boomi iPaaS completely eliminates the need for hand-coded development. The Boomi platform provides a host of preconfigured integrations and connections, as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

And it is a pay-as-you-go model. You can start small and grow as needed. Instead of tracking activities and issues across the enterprise, you now have one central location to get information or fix errors. And you get all the high-quality data you need, when and where you want it.

Why KPMG and Dell Boomi?

KPMG and Dell have established a formalized alliance. Leveraging that relationship, we developed the KPMG Cloud integration framework (CIF) based on the Dell Boomi platform. This addresses our clients' needs for a next-generation native cloud integration platform. KPMG can help you effectively execute your hybrid infrastructure vision using Dell Boomi, a comprehensive suite of low-code, enterprise-grade tools for developing and running core integrations, as well as APIs, master data management, EDI networks and workflow.

KPMG can assist you with a range of services. Beginning with developing an integration strategy, to design, development, testing, and implementation. With Dell Boomi and KPMG, your business can be ready to move quickly toward the next transformation--even faster and more effectively. 

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