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KPMG and ADP's Global Mobility Services offering

KPMG and ADP's Global Mobility Services offering

Find a better way to manage your dispersed workforce.




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Your customers operate around the globe, your employees hail from six continents, and many of your executives pay taxes in multiple countries. You are an active part of a dynamic global economy—with shifting technology, laws, and market forces that transform how multinational enterprises (MNEs) handle human resources (HR), finance, immigration, tax, and payroll strategies. This rapid change brings risk, exposure, and pressure to global organizations with employees that work or live in different countries throughout the year.

To compete effectively, your organization must adjust how it manages global mobility, compensation, and tax compliance to reduce risk and exploit long-term cost and time efficiencies. International HR teams cannot afford complacency in the fiercely competitive world where speed, transparency, reputation, and customer experience are paramount. Your mobility employees are often the most talented and highly valued individuals in your workforce. Being able to provide proper support for their tax and compliance needs is a critical part of the employee experience, making it key to allow them to focus on the assignments and improve retention in the long run. 

The changing global environment certainly introduces new risks—but instead of treating them as a threat, consider them an opportunity to become more competitive. Streamlining and automating your MNE’s current mobility processes and procedures helps free time to focus on core business priorities.

Make HR a strategic pillar with KPMG

KPMG’s Global Mobility Services practice provides tax, technology, immigration, and expatriate administration services to help make managing your global workforce easier, safer, and more efficient. Whether you are expanding to a new location, acquiring a company in another country, or just streamlining processes to manage your existing global workforce, KPMG’s Global Mobility specialists can support you. With more than 40 years’ experience working in all corners of the globe, KPMG’s diverse, experienced teams deliver personal service on a global scale that aligns with a business-first agenda.

Simplify the complexity of managing a global workforce with ADP

ADP GlobalView HCM delivers flexible, integrated HCM technology and deep, local expertise to help develop, support, and measure your HR strategies so your global organization can quickly respond to changing workforce dynamics. 

The platform provides actionable insight into your global workforce, including trends and analytics. It is an integrated hub of knowledge, insight, and content to holistically manage global expatriates. By implementing ADP’s unified, decision-based, and knowledge-based HCM platform, you can introduce new efficiencies to sustain essential growth and ramp up new projects. 

KPMG and ADP can help

Our joint Global Mobility Services offering helps you reduce corporate exposure, generate tax savings, streamline business processes, comply with tax regulations, and improve tracking and reporting for expatriate travel—all while reducing compliance risks and improving employee satisfaction.

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