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The Great Rewrite: Government

The Great Rewrite: Government

Pioneers in government are embracing emerging technology to deliver their missions more efficiently and effectively. In this chapter of “The Great Rewrite”, KPMG and Forbes explore blockchain and smart cities.


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The Great Rewrite: Government

The fast pace of technological innovation combined with changing citizen expectations is forcing a rewrite of the industry. “Some of the new technologies in government have the promise to fix our most challenging social problems in areas like transportation, healthcare, and criminal justice,” says Nancy Valley, government and public sector leader for KPMG.

What is the “The Great Rewrite?”

The world is being rewritten around us and the industries we know today are undergoing systemic changes, transforming the way we do business. KPMG partnered with Forbes to take a closer look at these paradigm shifts in a new film, print, and event series, “The Great Rewrite.”

Watch the videos to learn how blockchain and smart cities are driving significant change in government:

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