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Healthcare Tax

Healthcare - Tax

KPMG’s tax services to the healthcare industry

KPMG’s tax services to the healthcare industry

A modern approach to healthcare tax

Unprecedented shifts in healthcare are forcing all industry players to transform their operating models and the way they do business. For many, adapting to this dynamic, new world means facing new tax challenges. To meet these challenges, organizations at the forefront seek a different kind of tax advice. Tax advice that goes beyond the present. Beyond the lines that separate tax-exempt and taxable, or providers and payors. The type of advice you can expect from the Healthcare Tax professionals at KPMG.


KPMG’s tax services to the healthcare industry

Our service premise is simple: We listen to our clients. Our healthcare tax professionals understand your business, speak your language, and appreciate the day-to-day realities of operating in a highly regulated and rapidly changing environment. We augment our deep technical know-how with a sensitivity to non-tax considerations such as federal and state healthcare and insurance regulatory regimes, reimbursement concerns, community relationships, and the unique aspects of operating as a mission-driven, non-profit organization.

Our tax clients benefit from our industry insights as we anticipate the potential long- and short-term tax consequences of regulatory changes, shifts in operating and payment models, technology trends, and other influencers affecting the healthcare industry. Our forward-thinking approach and practical recommendations help our clients manage the complexities of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.


Our range of tax services within the healthcare industry include:

  • Business Tax Services
  • State and Local Tax (SALT)
  • M&A Tax
  • Economic & Valuation Services (EVS)
  • Compensation & Benefits and Global Mobility Services
  • International Tax
  • Washington National Tax


We invite you to explore our tax services and healthcare-specific tax insights. You’ll soon discover how we are ready to work with you to manage the risks and opportunities of the fast-changing world of tax. 

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