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Top 10 CEO survey facts

Top 10 CEO survey facts

What’s top of mind for today’s CEO? See below for key highlights from this year’s CEO survey, featuring the perspectives of 400 U.S. chief executives.


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Here's a quick recap of some of the top revelations taken from our 2017 CEO survey results:

  • Confidence is catching. Nearly half (46%) of CEOs are highly confident about near-term growth prospects. 
  • CEOs see opportunity. Six out of 10 CEOs view technological disruption as an opportunity, not a threat. In fact, 72% are actively disrupting their own sectors.
  • Speed is in the lead. Speed to market is the current top strategic priority for CEOs. 
  • There’s no place like home. Most (92%) view the U.S. as the top market for new growth. 
  • Cybersecurity creates value. Three quarters of chief executives view cybersecurity as an opportunity to find new revenue streams and innovate.
  • A lack of capabilities cause concern. Many (57%) say their organizations do not have the sensory capabilities and innovative processes to respond to rapid disruption.
  • Apprehension exists over smart technology. Integrating cognitive processes and artificial intelligence concerns 61% of CEOs. 
  • Data integrity is debatable. About half (49%) have concerns about the integrity of the data on which they base decisions.
  • Trust, values and culture drive the future. In order to sustain its long-term future, 81% of the leaders are placing a greater focus on trust, value and culture. 
  • Specialized help wanted. While overall hiring may be lower, 80% of CEOs are increasing budgets for recruiting for specialized skills. 

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