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Life Sciences Bona Fide Service Fee Determination

Life Sciences Bona Fide Service Fee Determination

Overview and info sheet on KPMG's Life Sciences Bona Fide Service Fee Determination Services.


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KPMG brings an experienced cross-functional team that has a wealth of experience working with complex organizations and developing wide-ranging assistance from historical look-backs, methodology development, data assessment, and operational process assistance. KPMG cuts through the myriad of questions to identify core issues. The team has developed questions to assist manufacturers develop a criteria that can be used to determine if a service fee is bona fide.

KPMG differentiates its BFSF services by teaming with valuation accredited professionals. The valuation specialists have developed a proprietary cloud-based tool that KPMG and manufacturers may leverage. KPMG’s valuation specialists produce a repeatable and auditable process for determining FMV, and the valuation specialists are a rare team of professionals who will offer an opinion on valuation.

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