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409A Valuations and Other Complex Equity Compensation Issues

409A Valuations and Other Equity Compensation Issues

A chapter from "The Entrepreneur's Roadmap: From Concept to IPO"


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 409A Valuations and Other Complex Equity Compensation Issues

Valuation of various equity classes issued by an enterprise, sometimes within a complex capital structure, can be a daunting but necessary exercise for a private company when certain key milestones occur (e.g., exploring another round of financing or granting share-based compensation to employees) or for meeting tax and financial reporting requirements. We will offer a thorough explanation of the valuation process and describe the key features of various instruments commonly encountered when valuing equity classes within a complex capital structure. This article is not intended to provide specific accounting or tax guidance. Moreover, given the complexities involved, this article will focus on the overall goal and intent of the valuation techniques versus extensive discussion on option theory or nuances underlying the approaches.

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Anthony Doughty, CFA, Managing Director

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