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The Great Rewrite: Financial Services

The Great Rewrite: Financial Services

Financial services firms are riding a shock wave touched off by the confluence of two massive forces.



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The fast pace of technological innovation combined with changing customer behavior is forcing a rewrite of the industry. “The emergence of this incredible technological initiative and disruption, while initially seen as a threat to some of the traditional financial services firms, is starting to be seen as a benefit to the industry,” says Brian Stephens, financial services leader for KPMG.

What is the “The Great Rewrite?”

The world is being rewritten around us and the industries we know today are undergoing systemic changes, transforming the way we do business. KPMG partnered with Forbes to take a closer look at these paradigm shifts in a new film, print and event series, “The Great Rewrite.”

Leonard Brody, entrepreneur and best-selling author, created the concept based on a decade’s worth of research and application, describing what he believes is the greatest era of institutional change in the history of our planet. KPMG is joining the conversation, bringing deep experience and expertise to explore the deep impacts of all this change.

Watch the videos in the financial services chapter of “The Great Rewrite” here:

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