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Technology in the Federal Government

Technology in the Federal Government

Helping to align IT operations to strategic and financial business objectives

Helping to align IT operations to strategic and financial business objectives

Government Challenge

Government has a unique purpose and thus requires unique solutions that take into account factors such as risk, regulation, and oversight. Technology organizations in the Federal Government must innovate to support broad government transformation. A variety of pressures are forcing the government to transform, including fiscal austerity and budget pressures; aging technology and outdated delivery models; transparency and accountability demands; security and privacy concerns; and employee and citizen expectations regarding increased agility, flexibility, and customer service. While disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobile, and modern systems and infrastructure, offer seemingly promising solutions to these challenges, focusing on technology alone without addressing broader business processes will produce limited results. A true transformation requires a strategic vision to overcome these broad business problems.

How we can help

KPMG is a leading transformation and business integrator for market-leading technologies. We view technology as an enabler—not as an end in itself—to drive better decisions and improve business results. While technology is a critical enabler, we believe that true innovation requires transformation across many layers, such as the service delivery model, people, processes, technology, data and governance.

Our integrated transformation team is:   

  • Value driven with formalized strategies for defining the target state and expected benefits, and a consistent, standardized method for driving value from process improvement to technology enablement.    
  • Holistic in approach, taking a wide-ranging process-centric view of a broad target operating model, informed by technology strategy and using an information-driven approach.
  • Accelerated by robust tools, designed to provide faster time to value, support lower risk, and leverage appropriate technology.
  • Business led with executive sponsorship, project and change management programs, and measurement that include benchmarks for continuous improvement. 

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