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Data and Analytics in the Federal Government

Data and Analytics in the Federal Government

Focused perspective and connected insights

Focused perspective and connected insights

Government Challenge

U.S. federal agencies are facing substantial challenges managing and maximizing the massive amounts of data being collected due to policies and regulation. This raw data can become more valuable through the use of analytics and has the potential to transform every aspect of the Federal Government. The unprecedented variety and volume of data now available provides an exceptional opportunity to drive better decision-making around policies and programs, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate enterprise risk.

In addition to mission-specific data, the government is tasked with providing transparency into its own spending and grant programs to its constituents and citizens in a consistent way. Many agencies haven’t yet developed approaches and tools to aggregate financial and administrative data for transparency purposes.

Getting value from all of this new data takes the right combination of in-depth federal knowledge, big data transformation know-how, and advanced analytics capabilities.

How we can help

KPMG is specially qualified to help federal regulatory and grant-making agencies transform their organizations into data-driven, decision-making organizations. Our understanding of government processes, regulation, and data is deep. KPMG has a long history serving the Federal Government through our audit and advisory services. Most recently, KPMG has strategically invested in data and analytics, unifying our resources into a Center of Excellence, which provides our teams with advanced capabilities in Big Data, predictive analytics, optimization modeling, and analytics technologies.

We provide industry and functional knowledge powered by technology- nabled analytics to address specific business problems. Our dynamic analytics solutions enable clients to quickly sense changes in the regulatory environment and react with transparency and precision.

We also serve as an objective wide-ranging advisor for clients seeking to build in-house data management and analytics capabilities. Our capabilities include:

  • Enterprise data and analytics strategy
  • Enterprise data warehouse, data modeling, and information management   
  • Data transformation, aggregation, and integration
  • Enterprise business intelligence, data and analytics technology design and implementation (open source and commercial)
  • Big data and text analytics solutions
  • Predictive analytics using risk-based models, decision engines
  • Information protection and governance. 

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