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KPMG and Trintech | Powering the last mile of finance

KPMG and Trintech | Powering the last mile of finance

Strong governance over finance processes, people, and technologies is necessary to remain competitive. The monthly close is a critical point where all data comes together to generate financial reports that will eventually go before senior executives, regulators, and shareholders. Finance organizations are often challenged to develop an efficient, accurate, and repeatable monthly close process that helps ensure integrity of reporting.



Scott E. Cohen

Managing Director

KPMG in the U.S.


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KPMG’s approach

KPMG provides global experience and leading financial management practices to assist organizations with small, medium, and large-scale finance transformation. Our goal is to enable your organization to optimize financial processes through transparency, process unification, governance and control, and resource optimization.

Our relationship with Trintech strengthens our ability to assist clients to plan, design, deploy, and monitor the tools Trintech offers, adding experience-based insights along the way. This enhances the overall approach to automation and integration, and alleviates common struggles associated with key financial close processes.

Why KPMG and Trintech?

KPMG and Trintech share a focus: help finance organizations build timely, reliable, and transparent monthly closing and reporting processes. KPMG, enabled by Trintech’s suite of solutions in the cloud, helps finance organizations replace manual, error-prone financial close processes with greater automation, control, and visibility. We leverage our experience to help you realize the benefits from your Trintech investment.

KPMG and Trintech work with clients to improve implementation time, provide more complete and higher quality solutions, and create clearer transparency and reporting. The result? An operational framework that helps organizations to cut costs, replace workforce time spent on repetitive tasks with added value analytical tasks, and better manage expectations.


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