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KPMG's Global Renewables network works with major organizations in a variety of related sectors to respond to business issues and trends.

KPMG's Global Renewables network works with major organizations in a variety of related...

In the United States, the wind and solar industries continue to grow at a rapid pace. According to the International Energy Agency, wind capacity is forecast to grow by 324 GW and reach 839 GW by 2023, with offshore wind accounting for 10% of the increase. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) expects the total installed U.S. PV capacity to more than double over the next five years. By 2023, they forecast over 14 GWdc of PV capacity to be installed annually.

This is happening despite that fact that in the United States, the industry is regulated primarily at the sub-national level (i.e., state and local governments and instrumentalities) resulting in a complex web of rules and regulations that must be navigated.

KPMG-US provides an array of audit, tax, and consulting services across the entire life cycle of a wind or solar project’s construction and operation. These services include raising debt or equity financing, financial modeling, tax structuring, valuations, cost segregation, and due diligence services among others.

KPMG’s has a broad array of professionals that provide these services including broker/dealers, professional engineers, economists, CPAs, and CFAs.

The future for the renewable energy industry in the United States is bright, and KPMG-US is ready to be a steady partner as the industry grows and matures.

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