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KPMG sponsors Identiverse 2018

KPMG is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of Identiverse 2018, taking place at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA.

June 24, 2018 - June 27, 2018, 8:30AM - 5:00PM, EST

Join KPMG at Identiverse 2018 and learn more about how together we help to deliver enterprise solutions designed for cloud and hybrid IT environments designed to protect consumer and data privacy, while enabling seamless digital experiences.


The KPMG and Ping Identity alliance

Driving customer, partner and employee engagement is a top digital business initiative for enterprises—but those engaging experiences must be secure and consistent across all channels and applications. Through its alliance with Ping Identity, KPMG expands its ability to deliver flexible, large-scale identity and access management solutions for the enterprise, providing secure access solutions that enable a wide range of digital transformation initiatives. The Ping Identity Platform can be deployed as Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), in the enterprise’s private cloud, as on-premises software, or in combination for hybrid IT environments. Able to scale to 100’s of millions of identities, this unified, standards-based platform provides access management, multifactor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), data governance, directory, and data synchronization capabilities. Learn more


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KPMG Sessions

Sunday June 24

Threat tolerant IAM micro services designs
4:35-5:00pm - Room 304

Identity & Access Management systems as processes and underlying data models - are being adapted and changed from a monolithic model to a micro service based model software model end to end (low code dev approaches as well with domain driven relevant standards based data models) that are well aligned to micro databases (blocks) and micro segmented software defined networks. These approaches for the first time create the possibility for aligning IAM micro services as "threat tolerant" services - when aligned with threat intelligence end to end and machine learning - from a design, development, deployment and run time perspective - with policy automation. This presentation will also cover a reference architecture for Consumer IAM that is based on threat tolerant IAM micro services.

  • Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Specialist Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services


Tuesday June 26

Driving Efficient PingFederate and Ping Access platform and automation management
2:30-3:20pm - Room 312

The creation and management of secure, well-named, portable, and flexible policies in PingFederate and PingAccess can be very challenging.  This process involves two administrative UIs and a series of disconnected steps that may result in poorly formed policies, inconsistent policy nomenclature, accumulation of orphaned objects, an overall difficulty to automate, higher operating costs, and higher risks of incorrect configurations and incorrect access grants. Learn how the KPMG Access Management Orchestration Suite (KAMOS) can automate and accelerate all PingFederate and PingAccess DevOps policy management and operations, including migration from legacy WAM solutions.

  • Kevin Shanley, Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services practice
  • Subhodeep Ghosh, Specialist Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services practice

How to approach privileged account access governance and IAG integration
3:30-4:20pm - Room 312

Privileged accounts have historically been managed separately and distinctly from an organizations other access governance processes. Hear KPMG’s approach to holistic privileged access governance and demonstration of leading practices for IAG solution integration. KPMG will demonstrate integration between SailPoint IdentityIQ and CyberArk for access governance processes over privileged access, as well as protecting the privileged accounts that an IAG tool uses. 

  • Hemal Shah, Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services practice
  • Than Khar Chin, Specialist Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services practice


Wednesday June 27

Solving customer identity data challenges associated with business model digital transformation
9:30-9:55am - Room 306

Cisco develops and supports products and services in the area of collaboration, security, networking, IoT, Cloud, and infrastructure. Cisco has grown through organic and inorganic growth. Cisco is in the middle of a transformation from largely a hardware-based product and services company to a subscription–based business model. IAM plays a critical and strategic role in enabling this business transformation. The IAM team has designed and implemented innovative organization tenancy data and functional concepts to support subscription-based business models and digital experience expectations of customers and partners. 
This talk outlines the key requirements for customer digital identity, the implications those requirements had on traditional IAM consumer data models and operations, and what we’ve done to address them via the Cisco OneIdentity program.

  • Kristina Williams, IAM Leader - Cisco
  • Joshua McKibben, Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services practice

Technical pillars of a customer IAM solution
10:05-10:30am - Room 306

Cisco, the network company of the 2000s, has evolved itself into a diverse IT company through organic growth and inorganic acquisitions. Cisco has products in the area of collaboration, security, networking, IoT, Cloud, and infrastructure. Building a customer IAM platform for a diverse organization with various risk profiles requires a very scalable and flexible platform, while conforming to IAM standards to ease business adoption. This session will cover how we leverage industry standards, APIs and WebSDKs to meet our business adoption requirements.

  • Makesh Rao, Solution Architect - Cisco One Identity 
  • Santosh Haranath, Specialist Director - KPMG Cyber Security Services practice


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