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KPMG at Financial Times Insurance Innovation Summit

Driving growth now and positioning for future success

April 11, 2018, 8:00AM - 4:30PM, EST

Financial Times Insurance Innovation Event

New York City, NY

KPMG is pleased to be a sponsor of the Financial Times Insurance Innovation Summit on April 11, 2018 in New York City. This event will bring together leading executives and industry experts to provide insights on how insurers should balance growth, customer satisfaction, agility and innovation in order to stay ahead and remain successful in this rapidly evolving industry.

The Innovation Summit will bring together leading executives and industry experts to provide insights on how insurers should balance growth, customer satisfaction, agility and innovation in order to stay ahead and remain successful in this rapidly evolving industry. Full conference details.

In addition to our thought leadership sessions, KPMG will showcase our experience and capabilities in the exhibit area. Please stop by our KPMG booth to speak with our professionals while you are there!

Why attend?

  • Understand applications for new and innovative technologies coming down the pipeline that will impact the way insurers do business in the future.
  • Gain insights from experts on how to better identify and capitalize on future technology and consumer trends.
  • Learn from the leading innovators in the industry what areas for investment currently offer the most compelling new business opportunities.
  • Hear from regulatory authorities about their views on innovation and guidance for the road ahead.
  • Network with senior executives from leading regional and nationwide insurance companies, as well as technology and industry experts.

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8:00 am - Breakfast and Registration

8:45 am - Opening Remarks: Oliver Ralph, Insurance Correspondent, Financial Times

8:50 am - Keynote: Getting from Market Disruption to Market Adoption

This opening keynote provides context for the day, discussing the major trends impacting today’s insurers and highlighting the progress made thus far. What areas are beginning to see widespread market adoption of disruptive technology, and where is the industry headed?

Matthew McCorry, Principal, Insurance Advisory Leader, KPMG

9:20 am - Panel Discussion: Reviewing the Digital Scorecard

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating all along the value chain, from marketing and customer acquisition to underwriting and claims. This panel will share their experience utilizing digital tools and technologies to lower costs, drive stronger customer loyalty and engagement, and enhance profitability throughout the organization.

Greg Baxter, Chief Digital Officer, MetLife
Deno Fischer, Principal, Customer Solutions Advisory Practice, KPMG
Sean Ringsted, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Risk Officer, Chubb Group
Kristina Tomasetti, Strategic Innovation Director, USAA
Moderated by: Alistair Gray, US Financial Correspondent, Financial Times

10:10 am - Networking Break

10:40 am - Keynote Interview: Connecting the Dots Between Traditional and New Digital Economies

We know that trends in robotics, AI, fintech and insurtech will ultimately transform the insurance industry, but how will this directly translate to improved customer experience? How can insurers harness new technologies to better understand consumers and meet their expectations?

Naveen Agarwal, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Prudential
Interviewed by: Alistair Gray, US Financial Correspondent, Financial Times
11:10 am - Panel Discussion: Driving Growth through Distribution

Distribution strategies continue to evolve as insurers devise ways to better utilize technology to support traditional distribution networks, as well as ways to reach customers through new channels. This panel of experts will discuss technology-led shifts in the overall distribution landscape: What key capabilities do so-called “bionic agents” need in order to increase cost efficiency and revenue growth? Will online-only and mobile-first channels become more prevalent as customers demand greater transparency and speed in the purchasing process? What new market opportunities are developing as insurers experiment with partnerships that extend beyond financial services and into the tech industry?

Ben Bengtson, Global Leader Insurance Industry Markets, Cognizant Technology Systems
Yaron Ben-Zvi, Co-Founder and CEO, Haven Life
Tom Hammond, President US Operations, BOLT Solutions

Moderated by: Oliver Ralph, Insurance Correspondent, Financial Times

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm -- Keynote: Putting a Stake in the Ground

This keynote examines the decision-making process executives are using to determine what is and is not working in their pursuit of innovation and change.

Maurice Greenberg, Chairman and CEO, C.V. Starr & Co

1:20 pm - Panel Discussion: Deepening the InsurTech Relationship

The insurance industry continues to court insurance technology solutions through strategic investments, acquisitions and in-house efforts. What does the next stage in the relationship look like as the insurtech landscape matures and firms begin to demand more from their investments? Which insights and applications are delivering immediate gains, and what capabilities are insurers willing to wait for?

Manish Agarwal, General Partner, AXA Strategic Ventures
Lisa Henderson, Chief Strategist, Casualty Products and InsurTech Consulting, Milliman
Robert Mozeika, Innovation Executive, Munich Reinsurance
Martha Notaras, Partner, XL Innovate

Moderated by: Alistair Gray, US Financial Correspondent, Financial Times

2:00 pm - Panel Discussion: Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

For those who do not have a deep understanding of data science, it can be difficult to discern the value of, and distinguish between, technologies that promise gains through automation, artificial intelligence, and AI’s newer cousin machine learning. This panel of experts will provide examples of each and discuss how the insurance industry will be impacted both immediately and in the future.

Richard Hartley, Chief Executive Officer, Cytora
Cindy Forbes, Chief Analytics Officer, Manulife
Gina Papush, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, QBE Insurance Group
Satadru Sengupta, General Manager, Insurance, DataRobot

Moderated by: Oliver Ralph, Insurance Correspondent, Financial Times

2:40 pm - Panel Discussion: The Changing Nature of Risk

Technological advancements and the proliferation of data are altering the ways insurers assess and underwrite risk, creating new types of risk that need to be managed, and in some cases, reducing the incidence of risk events. As the nature of risk evolves, so too must the industry and the regulatory parameters it operates within. What are the implications from a product development and innovation standpoint? Where are there opportunities for growth? What assumptions need to be reevaluated, and what can cultural shifts and market trends tell us about the future of insurance?

Mariel Devesa, Head of Corporate Development and Innovation, Farmers Insurance
Ted Nickel, Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Wisconsin; Most recent past President (2017), National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Moderated by: Oliver Ralph, Insurance Correspondent, Financial Times
3:40 pm - Keynote
4:10 pm - Closing Remarks
Oliver Ralph, Insurance Correspondent, Financial Times
4:15 pm - Drinks Reception


Thought Leadership

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