Kiran Nagaraj | KPMG | US
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Kiran Nagaraj

Managing Director

KPMG in the U.S.

Kiran is a Managing Director and leads Cryptoasset services at KPMG. He is also responsible for service and product innovation using emerging technologies. Kiran has significant experience in technology strategy, operations and risk management and has advised financial services clients in North America, Europe and Asia. KPMG’s Cryptoasset services focus on helping organizations build the infrastructure and capabilities to institutionalize crypto at scale. It works with large financial institutions, exchanges, custodians, startups and various other participants within the cryptoasset ecosystem. The team includes former crypto miners, cyber security professionals, technology and operations professionals, smart contract developers, regulatory compliance professionals, tax professionals and accounting advisors. Kiran has advised a number of advanced cryptoasset and blockchain companies and projects on opportunities and key risks. He is actively supporting the industry-wide development of standards and guidelines for the adoption of cryptoassets and blockchain in partnership with industry associations and trade groups. Kiran is a thought leader in this space and his recent publications include “Securing the Chain” and “Institutionalization of Cryptoassets”. His work has been featured by leading publications such as Business Insider, MIT Review, Forbes, and others. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences hosted by technology and industry associations. Kiran is a published photographer focusing on landscapes and cityscapes.

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Advisory Banking Capital Markets Financial Services Retail banking Risk Consulting Risk Management Tech Innovation
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