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Chairman's Statement on Diversity

Chairman's Statement on Diversity

KPMG LLP's Chairman's Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

I have always believed there are no limits on how great KPMG can be – especially when our people feel free to bring their full, authentic selves to work every day; sharing their ideas and passions in ways that enrich our culture, spur innovation, bring value to our clients, strengthen our communities, and drive the firm’s success.

These are transformative times, with unprecedented challenges and unlimited opportunities. Today’s environment requires fresh thinking, new combinations of skills and experiences, and a higher level of teaming and collaboration in the ways we serve our clients. That’s why I believe deeply in KPMG’s approach to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion influence everything we do – how we recruit, train, and grow our people, orchestrate the delivery of our work, engage in corporate citizenship, and build public trust. It’s what empowers us to confidently articulate a vision in which KPMG is the “Clear Choice – with our people, our clients and the public” – because we can address each constituency with a compelling value proposition:

  • Our people can bring the fullness of who they are to their roles, knowing they’ll have opportunities to work hard, be respected, and rewarded for success as they tackle our clients’ vital business issues. They’ll team with other extraordinary professionals who are diverse and creative in their own right, and who embrace strong values, including a commitment to integrity. 
  • Our clients see a difference in KPMG given our diverse experiences and points of view. Our professionals are motivated to help them solve their most pressing business challenges with passion and purpose. Clients appreciate the exposure to individuals and teams who are not bashful about bringing their insights to the table, in a spirit of respect and attention to quality. 
  • The public trusts us because our people freely bring the best of who they are to their jobs and communities. Together, we discern and embrace a higher purpose in our work, seeing ourselves as stewards who are contributors to strong capital markets, and builders of better communities for future generations.

I’m proud to say that our people at every level of the firm take ownership for creating a diverse and inclusive culture – leading and inspiring KPMG’s workforce, enabled by a framework of national diversity advisory boards and local networks. Together, we help create an environment of dialogue and action, addressing the challenges and capturing opportunities that matter most to our firm, our clients, and our communities. 

Ultimately, a diverse and inclusive culture spurs innovation and drives our growth because it attracts and empowers top talent who inspire each other – and our clients – with richer points of view to deliver real value. It’s an intrinsic and vital part of who we are. Our achievements as a firm in these areas give me the confidence that we can do even more, and I’m excited about what we will achieve together.


Lynne Doughtie
Chairman and CEO