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Together with WE, KPMG is encouraging youth to drive social change through literacy-building efforts and advocacy in communities across the country.

Together with WE, KPMG is encouraging youth to drive social change through...

KPMG Chairman and CEO, Lynne Doughtie and U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Laurie Hernandez on stage at WE Day New York.

At KPMG, we believe education and lifelong learning are central to building strong communities and unlocking potential. We’re passionate about literacy as we view that as the most critical step along the path to success. Recognizing the importance of service learning and seeing a way to help youth appreciate the importance of literacy, KPMG US became a sponsor of WE in 2016. Together, KPMG and WE are working hard to help youth develop 21st century skills like collaboration, communication and problem solving, while creating positive change in the world through literacy.

Joining KPMG in these efforts is U.S. Olympic Gold medalist and KPMG Literacy Champion, Laurie Hernandez. Laurie is a bestselling author and self-declared “book worm”. She cites her love of reading as the reason she has learned to appreciate different perspectives.

To learn more about how KPMG engaged with WE to bring 64,000 students and educators together to celebrate change made through service, click here.


KPMG and WE have teamed up to create the WE Believe Knowledge is Power curriculum and school speaking tour. The curriculum offers a lesson package designed to empower students to take an active role in the fight to combat illiteracy by engaging in learning and service activities that address the core causes of illiteracy. The speaking tour delivers an on stage component of the topics reflected in the curriculum, and via the help of KPMG volunteers, introduces students to the WE concept and encourages them to think about how they can make a difference. In addition, in 2017 the WE Read Together campaign will launch.  It’s a WE Schools action campaign that empowers youth to become leaders by taking action to get books into the hands of all young people.

A KPMG volunteer presents to students at the WE Believe Knowledge is Power school speaking tour.

WE Day

KPMG is also a national sponsor of WE Day, a series of stadium-sized celebrations of service featuring inspiring speakers, celebrities and notable performers. Students cannot buy a ticket to WE Day, they must earn their way there through local and global service work. KPMG has a multi-faceted presence at WE Day, including an interactive booth for students to visit and engage with, as well as an on-stage presentation from KPMG leadership. For the 2017 WE Day season, students took their turn at our booth’s ‘spin to win’ book wheel that featured an assortment of positive themes, walking away with a book that corresponded to whatever theme they landed on. From the stage, KPMG’s speakers and Laurie Hernandez championed literacy and encouraged audience members to share “The Book That” changed their lives, using the hashtag #TheBookThat on social media. For every use of the hashtag during WE Day, and in support of our well-established KFFL program, KPMG donated a new book to a child in need who might not otherwise have had access, up to 5,000 books.

WE Day