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Wealth Advisory

Wealth Advisory

Independent, institutional investment advice for High Net Worth Individuals, Trusts and Charities.

Independent, institutional investment advice for High Net Worth Individuals

KPMG Investment Advisory has a long track record of providing leading investment advice to large institutional clients and currently advises over 150 clients with assets of c.£25 billion. Our philosophy is centred around helping clients explore and articulate their investment objectives and then constructing properly diversified portfolios to achieve them. There is a real focus on getting the asset allocation right. We undertake high quality research and recommend investment ideas that make a real difference to our clients’ portfolios.

We are now providing our investment expertise to High Net Worth Individuals, Trusts and Charities to enable them to access the same high quality, cost effective investment advice as other institutional investors. As we do not manage money, we can provide independent advice which can open up the universe of investment managers to help ensure the right managers are managing the different parts of your portfolio and that the fees you are paying are institutional and not retail based.

We are able to advise on all aspects of the process including the ongoing monitoring of performance – helping you understand how all the components of your portfolio are contributing to the overall returns and when to make changes. A summary of our services can be found here.

Furthermore, our advice has the benefit of KPMG’s considerable tax expertise and we are able to draw upon KPMG’s wider service offerings - e.g. Corporate Finance, Legal, etc.

We are happy to meet and discuss your current investments and how we can make a difference to you.

To access our latest research please visit the Investment Advisory Research & Insights page.

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