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Tax Disputes and Investigations

Tax Disputes and Investigations

Reduce the stress of a tax investigation or having to make a voluntary disclosure to the tax authorities with the help of our expert advice.

We help with a tax investigation or making a voluntary disclosure to the tax authorities.

If you’re looking for guidance on any aspect of a tax dispute or investigation, call 0207 694 4106 to set up a free meeting or talk to a specialist today.

It is clear the stakes have just been raised by HMRC in tackling offshore non-compliance. Failure to Correct (FTC) penalties will be in point for any tax found to be due for the relevant years (even where due to tax technical issues) through HMRC enquiries, Common Reporting Standard (CRS) exchange or otherwise discovered. These issues are not solely the domain of deliberate defaulters. Anyone with offshore aspects to their UK tax affairs, including non-residents liable to UK tax (e.g. offshore trustees and directors), are liable to unprecedented sanctions including penalties ranging from 100% to 200% of the tax due for relevant back years.

HMRC has, and continues to issue so-called “nudge” letters to taxpayers where information has been received by the authorities about offshore assets. We are aware of “nudge” letters regarding rental property owned offshore, banking information and Offshore Income Gains and Excess Reporting Income.

HMRC will also use its formal enquiry powers, eg, into submitted Tax Returns and where tax fraud is suspected use Code of Practice 9.

We can assist with:

  • Assess whether a reasonable excuse defence could be advanced where FTC penalties are in point
  • Advice if a letter is received from HMRC enquiring into offshore assets and you are being asked to complete a certificate all is in order or supply information
  • Risk assessments to determine what inherent risks exist and areas of potential HMRC challenge (where review work could be undertaken to ensure the position is robust)

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