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KPMG Navigator

KPMG Navigator

Bringing DC governance into the 21st century; offering unparalleled insights into membership; helping to improve member outcomes.

Bringing DC governance into the 21st century.

Ongoing governance of defined contribution (DC) pension schemes is now firmly in the spotlight of the Pensions Regulator and other regulatory bodies.

This is a trend that is set to continue as an increasing number of employees enter into DC schemes. As a result, stakeholders overseeing the running of these schemes are faced with rapidly changing requirements and a need to implement best practice. KPMG Navigator® can help manage this.

Who will benefit from KPMG Navigator®?

  • Trustees - Chair of Trustees are now required to produce a ‘Chair’s Statement’ which must report on, among other items, the extent to which a scheme delivers “value for members”.
  • Governance Committees – Increasingly governance committees are being set up at individual scheme level to oversee the running of trust-based and contract-based schemes, to ensure good governance, oversight and support for members.
  • Sponsoring Employers - Employers often tell us “I want to ensure my people can retire when they want, but also when it’s right for the business”. Efficient and effective workforce planning is key to this.

What does KPMG Navigator® offer?

  • A ‘complete solution’ for governance
  • Governance scorecard
  • Real-time information
  • Detailed data analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • Quality and risk monitoring
  • Value for member assessment
  • Single platform for compliance
  • Efficient decision making

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