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Develop and implement a pensions strategy ideal for you by accessing our expert advice and cutting edge technology.

Develop a pensions strategy ideal for your organisation.

Whether you’re a scheme sponsor or a trustee, pensions can represent a large and complex financial risk. At KPMG Pensions, we understand this and will work with you to simplify and explain these risks. With our expert advice and unequalled track record, our team of over 450 pensions experts can help you manage your defined contribution or defined benefit pension schemes.

Complementing our services is our advanced KPMG Fusion® and KPMG Pilot® software and our new online administration platform, helping you and your members understand and meet the challenges associated with pensions. As part of the wider KPMG advisory practice we bring a broader approach to pensions advice, supporting you to create tailored solutions for your scheme. For more information on pensions, and how we can help your organisation, contact our team today.

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