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Global Compensation Solutions

Global Compensation Solutions

We provide technical advisory expertise, outsourcing services and automated technology solutions to optimise your global compensation solutions.

KPMG Global Compensation Solutions.

The Global Compensation Solutions (GCS) team focuses on the implementation of compensation collection, payroll and global shadow payroll solutions for organisations with mobile expatriate populations.

As part of our service portfolio we offer the following:

  • Health Check and assessment of your current global compensation collection and payroll processes to provide a demand-orientated evaluation of risks & optimisation solutions.
  • Process and technology to seamlessly link global compensation data to ensure tracking, analysis and reporting in real-time, providing transparency for every payment across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Automation of the cross-border payroll instruction and reconciliation process with our market-leading technology Global Payroll Manager (GPM).
  • Global Expense Analysis for mobile employees.
  • Advanced data analytic reporting capability to enable evidence-based decisions and ensure that global mobility, talent and human capital are aligned with broader organisational goals. 

We are flexible in managing all compensation structures and our services are available on a modular basis. Organisation have the choice to identify areas where our expertise might provide the most value to their business.

For more information on how we can help, or to set up a call to discuss your organisation's requirements, please contact us

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