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From varied data sources including news reports, NGO reports and beyond with advanced NLP-data analysis, this ESG data management software assesses and analyses it all. Meaning you can have confidence in and take charge of your ESG based decision making.

Why choose ESG IQ?

Speedy does it

Have all the information you need at your fingertips. Built in collaboration with Google’s Cloud, our easy-to-use dashboard helps you understand and analyse data reported under multiple ESG reporting frameworks, all at speed.

A better strategy

Which businesses do you want to invest in, lend to, insure or work with? Assessing their ESG creds helps alignment with your own business’ ESG strategy.

A bigger picture

Reduce the risk of greenwashing. Process more articles, social feeds, research reports and company announcements to find the right balance of ESG insights.

A clearer spectrum

How is an ESG assessment compiled? Our ESG software helps you to better understand the drivers and factors behind your ESG standing to attract more investors and better pricing.

Define your data

Discover an ESG data universe suited to your business. Selecting only the data sources you need means laser-focused insights, just for you.

Stay one step ahead

Unleash the power of AI and Machine Learning. Overcome data challenges by aggregating multiple data sources.

Picture of a forest with sun rays

At Google, we have a strong commitment to sustainability. We are excited to collaborate with KPMG, bringing the best of our cloud capabilities to help develop innovative data and analytics solutions that enable customers and decision makers to assess sustainability impact more consistently with financial impact.

Ashish Majmundar
Director, Global Capital Markets Solutions
Google Cloud

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Budha Bhattacharya

Chief Product Officer, ESG IQ

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