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Understand, grow and take your business to the next level with Dash intelligent insights

Whatever size your business – or ambition, Dash utilises powerful AI to join the dots between your overall performance, customers, product range, pricing and store portfolio.

Why choose Dash?

Instant Insights

Gain valuable retail insights quickly with simple implementation, short lead times and no set-up costs.

Customer first

Understand your customers’ needs and stock the products they want to help maximise customer lifetime value.

Data-driven insights

Utilise powerful AI algorithms to generate highly accurate predictions to make decisions with confidence.

Know your market

Get the full picture with access to an array of data sources, including detailed customer demographics, spend, competitor anaylsis, footfall trends and more.

Scale up your insights

Whatever the size of your business, Dash is here to help. Scale up your access to get more detailed insights as you grow.

Market insight


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Interconnected modules deliver actionable insights


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