We know how to get the maximum value out of your Salesforce investment

Today’s customers expect an outstanding experience with every interaction. To meet these expectations – and do it profitability – your organisation needs to align front, middle and back office operations. Not only does this deliver a connected experience, but enables you to digitally transform your business, and prepare for the future.

Aligning operations across an enterprise, is one of the biggest challenges organisations face today. By using our Connected Enterprise approach we can help to shape and deliver customer-centric, enterprise-wide digital transformation. Working with Salesforce we can help you improve customer experience, achieve business goals and accelerate return on investment.

Through our Powered Enterprise approach we can help you jumpstart your transformation journey across sales, service, marketing and commerce. Our KPMG professionals, in collaboration with Salesforce, can assist with your transformation needs. We can bring a unique perspective that combines an enterprise and functional view on how to drive sustainable value and change. We can help you. 

Our Salesforce solutions

Unlock your CRM investment

By assessing your customer and employee journey, we cut through internal silos and processes. To maximise value across business functions.

Get back to basics

By identifying opportunities to reduce technical debt, over-customisation and data issues, you will be able to simplify the Salesforce platform design, keeping your business agile.

Re-imagine what’s possible

By connecting sales, service, marketing and commerce using the Salesforce platform with a single goal: to make the customer experience better by encouraging new ways of working, by driving new levels of engagement.

Align for the future

By designing and implementing business-led and connected solutions across the Salesforce platform, creating a strong foundation for your digital vision, which will help you identify the areas that matter, enabling you to optimise your budget spend.

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