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Custom applications for the digital enterprise

In the digital economy, customer expectations can change in the blink of an eye. Businesses must be able to adapt their experiences – and build new ones – fast. 

That’s why KPMG has teamed up with Appian. 

Appian’s low-code software development platform offers extensive process management capabilities. Combining it with our intelligent automation expertise enables you to rapidly build, deploy, use and scale new applications.

Together, KPMG and Appian have delivered digital initiatives for clients worldwide. Our complementary solutions and services will help you to accelerate your digital transformation projects and meet your business needs.

Our Appian solutions

Our integrated offering includes business process improvement, UX design, data and analytics, cloud integration and change management.

Solutions built on the Appian platform are mobile-enabled, and easily integrated with your enterprise data and infrastructure. They can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. 

Business process management

We’ll bring the benefits of robotic process automation and approach to business process management – helping you to optimise resourcing and simplify workflows across the organisation. Learn how we can help support with key processes such as credit card dispute, mortgages and more.

Intelligent automation

Our intelligent automation solutions will integrate your enterprise data, while enabling social collaboration, mobile access, and cloud/on-premise portability. 

KPMG Privacy Apps

Today’s cybersecurity and privacy climate demands data management systems that are automated, integrated, scalable and robust. We’ve worked with Appian to create the KPMG Privacy Apps. Our suite of applications will take you from reactively manging compliance, to leveraging privacy for competitive advantage.

Please note: not all of the services and solutions described on this page may be available to KPMG audit clients, or to their affiliates or other related entities.