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Organisations are operating in a radically evolving global environment with changing ways of working, laws, regulations, employee expectations and market forces. Using KPMG’s leading suite of Global Mobility technology solutions (including KPMG LINK Global Payroll Manager) and ADP’s global HR and payroll platforms, KPMG and ADP can help clients effectively manage that change. Our solutions help clients react to traditional and agile mobility demands, minimise risk exposure, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, introduce cost saving efficiencies, govern global expatriate programs and make HR a strategic pillar of the business.

This alliance will deliver the following potential benefits:

  • Improve the financial management of mobility programs - including cost models for expatriate assignments
  • Understand the performance of international assignee programs by storing program demographics in a secure repository integrated with the payroll system for accurate reporting
  • Gain visibility and transparency on expatriate travel to minimise risk and exposure - thereby enhancing compliance with tax regulatory authorities
  • Support emerging agile mobility demands – such as remote working to manage more complex forms of risk and compliance.
  • Save time and money with robust workflows and an integrated systems for accessing payroll data for expatriates
  • Improve after tax earnings by more efficiently managing the tax compliance aspects of mobility programs
  • Save time, eliminate redundant reporting, and reduce risk by integrating with ADP GlobalView HCM and KPMG’s Global Payroll Manager solution to improve visibility of key tax and expatriate data
  • Deliver “peace of mind” for a client’s globally mobile employees and enable remote working practices.

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