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KPMG and Workday

KPMG and Workday

Our long-standing alliance with Workday means you can be confident of successful implementation, even on complex HR and finance transformations.

Be confident in your HR and finance transformations with our strong alliance with Workday.

By harnessing the agility of cloud technology in key business functions such as finance and HR, organisations can see significant improvements in both customer experience and business performance. Our strategic alliance with Workday allows us to help organisations do exactly that, providing enhanced support to the enterprise and introducing flexibility and cost-efficiencies from cloud solutions.

Practiced and perfected

We have been implementing Workday-enabled transformations for over 10 years, working with over 500 certified Workday specialists globally – and delivering transformation and implementation projects for more than 135 major companies. Our capabilities in areas such as tax, risk, cybersecurity and business processes give clients access to a full range of business expertise to help them maximise value from their technology investment.

KPMG Powered Enterprise

As part of this alliance, we actively contribute to the development of Workday solutions. That means we can give you early insights into any changes ahead and provide opportunities to join early adopter programmes.

Across all Workday implementations, KPMG Powered Enterprise helps organisations achieve their transformation goals faster and more efficiently. We have developed outcome-focused transformation solutions that fully prepare businesses for the future. As a result, you can be confident that your transformation will deliver world-class structures to your HR and finance functions.

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