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Long-term sustainability and resilience are at the heart of the C-Suite agenda. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of resilience alongside agility to absorb shocks and respond rapidly to new ways of working. Sustaining this momentum could unlock innovation and your potential to address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

An effective ESG strategy can help you build resilience and secure commercial success. Your stakeholders – from employees and customers, to investors and regulators – are expecting different behaviours. Your ESG credibility could impact who will buy from you and do business with you.  

How we can help

We can help you identify and execute growth opportunities that deliver long-term value while accelerating the transition to a more sustainable business model.

We can support you in refining and building your responsible ESG business strategy by:

  • identifying and understanding the ESG risks you face and the opportunities available
  • assessing and benchmarking your maturity, and identifying your business and clients' priorities
  • prioritising strategies to drive new growth, efficiency and resilience, ensuring responsible business principles are at the core of your operations
  • developing a programme to deliver those strategies with proper governance, key milestones and enablers, and measurable targets

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How else we can help with your ESG responsible business strategy

Sustainable value strategy

We can help you gain a clear understanding of ESG opportunities and risks, identifying and prioritising options that create long-term value and competitive advantage. Our modular approach supports businesses wherever they are on their journey, with a focus on driving growth and executive alignment.

Circular economy

We can help you identify circular opportunities and risks, eliminating waste and making better use of your assets. We can support you as you close the loop on the “take, make, waste” product lifecycle, maximising the value of limited resources, and fundamentally changing the way you operate. 

Our insights for ESG responsible business strategy