Finding a mentor is one of the most powerful career and personal development practices an individual can make. The benefits of mentorship range from higher self-confidence and increased leadership skills to enhanced job satisfaction.

Because of this, we have launched a Cross Company Allyship Programme (CCAP) – a mentorship initiative bringing together mentors with mentees, with a focus on supporting those from black heritage and minority ethnic backgrounds.

How it works

CCAP pairs two individuals up; with each coupling having either a senior leader or a junior team member from KPMG as a mentor or a mentee respectively. The programme facilitates meetings between each pair over the course of a year through quarterly events, monthly catch-ups and career development discussions.

How can CCAP add value to your organisation?

CCAP allows organisations to offer guided mentoring and coaching support for their colleagues at no cost. Mentors get the opportunity to build leadership, self-reflection and listening skills through mentoring someone outside of their organisation. Mentees receive 1-2-1 coaching support from a senior figure from a different business.

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Hear from our cohorts

I couldn't be happier with the mentor I've been matched with! We have similar personalities which has allowed us to build rapport quickly enabling honest and open conversations. We have discussed the barriers and experiences I've faced as an ethnic minority person. I've suggested some reading materials which my mentor has read with an open mind and we've had some in depth discussions about the content. The experience for me so far has been empowering, helped with my self-confidence and self-belief and I'm looking forward to see what the rest of the programme brings.

Coca-Cola European Partners

I have met with my mentee 3-4 times to date and we have had really good career progression discussions. A lot of the support is about being an effective leader in a hybrid world and that has been very useful for both sides e.g. how to come across / presentation skills

- Partner, KPMG (Mentor)

How to get your business involved

If you would like to learn more about this programme and see if your organisation could take part, please register your interest.