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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics and disclosures are an increasing focus for businesses as they respond to a wave of scrutiny from stakeholders - from investors and regulators to employees, customers and the public.

High scoring on ESG factors signals to your stakeholders a more sustainable and resilience business with superior prospects to survive and thrive.

ESG disclosures are expected to comply with mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements and be credible, verifiable and comparable, allowing stakeholders to make decisions that matter to them.

For many organisations, getting ESG reporting right is a real challenge. The range of ESG metrics and disclosure frameworks used is vast and varies by sector, size and complexity of business, as well as global location. Transparency and data are critical to build the trust and recognition of your commitment to ESG and drive your market growth.

As well as providing external assurance opinions on both qualitative and quantitative ESG corporate reporting, we can help you:

  • keep up to date with the latest ESG reporting requirements 
  • benchmark across sectors to identify best practice
  • improve data quality 
  • meet the requirements of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and other mandatory reporting regulations
  • understand how financial statement auditors are factoring ESG and climate risk into their audit work

More ways we can help with ESG corporate reporting

Audit and assurance

The audit regulator and user of accounts are increasingly focusing on building climate risk and other ESG factors into the external audit to form an audit opinion over financial statements. 

Our dedicated team of assurance and ESG subject matter experts deliver high quality assurance opinions over ESG metrics and non-financial information disclosures to companies we audit and those we don’t. 

More details can be found here


Using a range of toolkits, accelerators and subject matter experts, we can help you:

Navigate the ESG reporting landscape, including the multiple disclosure frameworks and their applicability to different companies and industries  

Design and implement technology-enabled solutions and operating models to efficiently gather and collate ESG metrics and report them externally

Interpret and dashboard key ESG data for board-level monitoring and to support the performance framework needed to embed metrics into day-to-day management

Capture and visualise ESG metrics and disclosures in an engaging way that brings to life your ESG strategy and narrative.

Our ESG corporate reporting insights

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