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The outbreak of COVID-19 has demonstrated what an immediate and systemic impact major risk events can have on society and business operations. It has highlighted the need for resilience and a dramatic shift in how organisations address risk management.

Climate change is the next unprecedented risk

Climate change is the next high impact, high probability risk that requires urgent action. Meeting global decarbonisation targets will require economic transformation, led by fundamental business model change.

Prior to COVID-19, boards were already under pressure to address environmental issues – from governments, consumers and employees, as well as investors and lenders. Now, with heightened scrutiny on business resilience and response, the imperative to act will only get stronger.

How we can help

KPMG’s Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Strategy team can help you understand the nature and scale of the risks and opportunities your business faces from climate change, embed effective risk management and implement the right strategic response. Our experts can guide you as you prepare your business to thrive in a low-carbon world. We can help you:
  • identify and quantify climate risks and opportunities across supply chains under a range of scenarios and understand the impact on business performance
  • undertake options analysis to help you assess proposals for mitigating and adapting to risks and seizing opportunities
  • implement the agreed strategic response to transform your organisation for the future
  • measure progress, ensure robust reporting and communicate your climate strategy effectively to investors.

Are you ready to navigate climate risk with confidence?

Understanding and planning for the likely profound implications of climate change on your business is crucial.  Your response will meet increasing pressure from governments, consumers, employees, investors and lenders. Prior to COVID-19, pressure was already building. Now the imperative to act will only get stronger.


Drawing on KPMG’s deep expertise and capabilities, we can support you at every stage of your climate change journey:

Strategic insight

We bring together experts in risk consulting, strategy and climate change, technical accounting and tax expertise to drive a strategic, value lens on climate risk. We combine this with wide experience of advising at board level to help you make informed decisions on your future strategy.

A dynamic view of risk

Our proprietary risk assessment tool measures the probability and impact of risk. It also gauges the speed at which risks could materialise and the interconnections between them that drive cause and effect. This allows you to develop more accurate scenarios and make better decisions on your mitigation and adaptive response.

Extensive experience in adaptation

Our experience with corporates spans energy diversification, operational decarbonisation, supply chain management, marketing and brand management, sustainable finance and fuel switching. We use this knowledge to help you achieve quick wins and manage your climate risks effectively for the longer term.

Contact KPMG’s Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Strategy team today to find out how we can help.

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