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Our clients tell us that having professional restructuring advisors with a deep understanding of the issues in their industry sector is really important, and we agree. That’s why over the last decade, we at KPMG Restructuring leveraged the breadth of our team to invest in a market-differentiating sector coverage model.  Watch our short introductory video to find out more, and uncover our take on sectors important to you.

Our national sector coverage model is overseen by Gareth Williams and Scott Farquhar, contacts for both can be found here.

Our sector coverage model

In our sector coverage model, we focus on 11 sector ‘cluster groupings’ which are further divided into 36 sub-sectors.  These are routinely assigned a temperature rating – from 1 (hot) to 5 (cold) – which is indicative of the amount of financial stress and distress in that sector at any given time. 

For a snapshot view of our latest assessment of these subsectors, see our heat map here.  Or, for a more in-depth view, browse through our interactive sectors filter below.

To view the KPMG Restructuring sector heat map, click here

All cluster groups

Explore our coverage model by selecting a temperature rating from 1 (hot) to 5 (cold), or filter sectors by ‘cluster group’. From here you will be able to click on the individual tiles to uncover short commentary and key contacts.

For more extensive commentary on the sectors capturing most of our attention right now, see our spotlight sectors listings here.

Aerospace Image of a man working on an aeroplane engine
Civil aviation Image of an aeroplane
Charity / not for profit Image of a child's hands around a chalk-drawn globe
Defence Image of a female defence employee
Retail Image of a shop window with manaquines
Leisure and hospitality image of a waiter setting a table
Power and utilities Image of a power and utilities worker kneeling on solar panels
Oil and gas Image of an offshore drilling platform
Mining and metals Image of a colourful ore mine
Chemicals Image of the outside view of a chemical factory
Banking Image of the outide of the Bank of England
Insurance Image of a man taking a photo of a cheque on a mobile device
Brokers and asset management Image of a man working on multiple computer screens
Consumer finance Image of a woman using an iPad
FinTech Image of someone highlighting a figure on a financial chart with a pen
Healthcare Image of scientists assessing data in a laboratory
Life sciences and pharmaceuticals Image of chemicals being mixed with a syringe in a laboratory
Infrastructure Image of a motorway junction
Building and construction Image of a construction worker with cranes above him
Real estate Image of a living wall on the side of a building
Automotive Image of a man manufacturing a car
Industrial manufacturing Image of a woman using an iPad in a factory
Consumer production (Food & drink / FMCG) Image of chocolate covered tea cakes being produced
Finance, treasury, trade and investment Image of the Houses of Parliament in London
Justice and security Image of a gavel in the foreground with legal books and weighing scales in the background
Human services Image of a woman with her arm around an elderly relative
Education, skills and productivity Image of students in a classroom listening to a tutor
Private equity Image of a woman looking at financial statistics on a large touch screen
Professional services Image of a man looking out of a window at a busy street
Business services Image of two receptionist employees sitting at a desk
Technology Image of a man using VR to control a manufacturing robot
Media Image of a film cameraman and his camera
Telecoms Image of RJ45 cabling going into a racked server box
Land passenger transport Image of underground railway tracks in an empty station
Shipping and ports Image of a cargo ship seen from above
Road freight, logistics and postal services Image of a lorry depot seen from above

There are no results for the current filter selection. Please use the filters above to find the relevant sector.

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Spotlight sectors

Full commentary, analysis, contacts and credentials for the sectors capturing most of our attention right now can be found below.