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The KPMG Restructuring analyst team track the financial performance of all* medium and large businesses in the UK over a minimum of 5 years, mapping each to our sector coverage model and major UK regions. Using a range of c30 financial metrics we analyse performance across profitability, liquidity and debt leverage criteria and summarise scoring on a simple Red, Amber and Green basis.

Our database, which we refresh quarterly, is used by the team in a range of data visualisation and analytics platforms that shed light on regional and sectoral performance trends over time.

We call it the KPMG Restructuring indicators tool (KRi) and will be making a ‘lite’ version of our KRi tool available for free on our website soon.

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*All active companies in the UK (including Northern Ireland and the British Crown Dependencies) with turnover greater than £10m. We have excluded subsidiaries within the same group, so the UK Parent entity or largest trading entity is represented in our population.