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Our aim is to ensure that no customer has to face problems alone. If your business is coming under pressure, it is likely we have the experience to advise you and help you find a way forward.

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Will I have to pay KPMG upfront?

No. It’s only our advice that’s upfront! The meter doesn’t start from the moment you call. And as we move forward together, we’ll take you through a four-step plan, so you’ll know what’s involved at every stage.

There are no opportunities to save the business.

We have long experience and a broad perspective. We can see options many others can’t, even if you think insolvency is inevitable. We can’t promise to help save any and every business, but we are able to work with you and use our extensive networks and relationships to help you find a way forward.

Isn’t KPMG too expensive for a business like mine?

Not at all. We have a long history of working with businesses of many sizes and in many sectors. If you’re an SME, we can provide services you can afford - and that you’ll find will make a difference.

It’s too late.

We can’t promise to help save a business in all circumstances, but it may not be too late for a sustainable solution. Our advice will help you feel secure in the plans you develop to move forward. Your best option is to contact us as early as possible. The sooner you do, the more options you’ll have.

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When times are tough, it’s good to have someone who will listen – but it’s better still to have someone by your side who is experienced in similar situations

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