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How can KPMG Business Rescue Services help?

KPMG Business Rescue Services

Supplier pressure

Supplier pressures can be challenging for your business. Let us help

Suppliers may be critical to your business, and if they are placing pressure on you it can be a very challenging time. If they are considering reducing your credit terms or if the relationship has completely fractured, we can help you. Our team understands the importance of continuity of supply, and can suggest alternative solutions to you.

We can help with negotiations or threats of legal action

Even longstanding supplier relationships can be strained when trading and cash flow deteriorate. A reduction in credit terms or cessation of supply can have a major negative impact on a business, making already challenging times even worse. We can work with you to navigate the best way forward for your business.


Getting back on track

KPMG Business Rescue Services can assist you in negotiations with your suppliers, no matter how hostile or difficult the position may be. This could be through revised payment terms, payment plans or other agreements to unlock essential supplies for your business.

Dealing with escalation

If suppliers are threatening legal action or insolvency proceedings, where possible we can help ensure your business is as well protected as possible and that you have other options to consider.

Finding new sources

We're experienced in dealing with all kinds of supplier issues across many different sectors. Through our extensive network of contacts, we can suggest alternative sources of supply and help ensure your business has access to critical goods and services.

Communicating and negotiating

We can help you prepare a strategy to present to key suppliers, to demonstrate the impact their pressure may be having. The more they understand, the greater the chances you'll all be able to find a way forward.

“We assisted the business by helping prepare more robust forecasts and cash flows, which were then presented to key stakeholders. By producing credible forecasts, the business was able to secure the investment that was needed in order for management to try and turn the business around.”

Victoria Horishny

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