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How can KPMG Business Rescue Services help?

KPMG Business Rescue Services

HMRC & Tax Compliance

VAT, PAYE and National Insurance payment issues are not uncommon - we can help assess your options

HMRC payments can have a significant impact on cash, so it's not surprising businesses sometimes have difficulties with their payments. If you're already in arrears, the situation can be even more acute. Whatever position you're in, we can help you assess options and determine the most appropriate way forward for your business.

Demand for payment or difficult discussions with HMRC - we can help

If your business is struggling to meet its VAT, PAYE, NI or corporation tax bills, or if it has received letters of demand or enforcement action from HMRC, it's essential to seek robust advice from trusted professionals. We can help you in your discussions with HMRC, and in preparing plans and forecasts to determine what your business can afford to pay - and when.


Help with taking stock

KPMG Business Rescue Services can help you to review your HMRC position and understand your payment options for any outstanding amounts or arrears you owe.

Help with payment options

If you have an existing time-to-pay arrangement on which you think you may default, you need to seek professional input quickly. We can review your business's cash flows and help you review your payment options and assist in discussions with HMRC.

Help with increasing pressure

If HMRC has issued demand letters or is threatening winding up proceedings, don't ignore them, you need to act quickly. We can help assess the implications and the options that are open to your business.

Help with presenting your case

If you are in negotiations with HMRC, we can help you prepare forecasts and analysis to support your discussions, and/or speak with HMRC alongside you to assess the options available.

Let us help you tackle the road ahead

When times are tough, it’s good to have someone who will listen – but it’s better still to have someone by your side who is experienced in similar situations

Don’t face the future alone: get in touch with us today.

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