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How can KPMG Business Rescue Services help?

KPMG Business Rescue Services

Funder pressure

If you have breached the terms of your loan or you need new funding, we can help

Pressure from lenders/funders can be an extremely challenging time for any business. Often, lenders are the primary source of day to day funding for businesses, and if this funding is no longer available, the consequences can be hugely problematic. Whether you need access to new funds or to reach an agreement with your existing lender, our team can help.

We are experienced in dealing with a variety of funder issues.

Our team is experienced in dealing with a range of situations involving lenders and funders. We can help you manage things by guiding you through discussions and negotiations, and by helping you to identify potential alternative sources of funding. We have a dedicated team of financiers who have access to a network of lenders who may be able to assist your business.


When deadlines loom…

If your banking or funding facilities are due for renewal or have already expired, we can help you to assess and perhaps even to obtain alternative sources of finance. Our network of contacts includes a wide range of mainstream and alternative lenders, who are used to dealing with a variety of situations and businesses.

When Ts&Cs are hard to achieve…

If you are in default of your lending facilities or expect to breach covenants, we can assist you in preparing for discussions with funders. We can also meet with them alongside you to give you the best opportunity of resolving the situation.

When new funds are needed…

If you require additional finance that your existing lender is unwilling to provide, we can assess which other funding options may be available to you; either as a replacement for or in addition to your existing lending.

When asset values don’t seem to help…

Our team can review your business's assets, and potentially unlock funding from areas you have not previously considered. We have an extensive network of alternative funders, who are used to dealing with non-standard situations.

Let us help you tackle the road ahead

When times are tough, it’s good to have someone who will listen – but it’s better still to have someone by your side who is experienced in similar situations

Don’t face the future alone: get in touch with us today.

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