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How can KPMG Business Rescue Services help?

KPMG Business Rescue Services

Cash Flow pressure

If cash flow is tight, it can be a troubling time for you and your business.

No business can survive without readily available cash to meet ongoing liabilities such as payroll, suppliers and lending commitments. Even profitable businesses need to manage their cash flow, and there's always room for improvement. We can help your business with any cash flow pressures that may exist.

The quicker you act, the more options there will be available to you.

If your business has a cash shortfall or is forecasting a shortage of funds, it's essential that you act quickly so your business has access to as many options as possible. We are experienced in helping businesses with a variety of cash flow issues, from improving cash management controls to maximising cash inflows, and unlocking other sources of funds.


Assessment and analysis

We can help you prepare cash flow forecasts, and assist you with cash management that can help your business cope with peaks and troughs in cash availability.

Prioritisation and management

Our team specialises in crisis cash management and assisting businesses with their many and often competing cash flow demands. We can help you to prioritise cash outflows and other cash demands.

Liquidity and lending

We can help you improve your cash flow and release cash tied up in receivables, stock and other assets, and help you understand any opportunities to minimise cash outflows. We can also suggest alternatives that may be able to introduce new funds to your business.

Income and outgoings

Maximising your cash inflows when cash is tight can be an important way of relieving cash pressures. Our team of sector and situational specialists are experienced in finding ways to increase receipts into your business.

“We helped relieve the strain on the director, and by introducing a new lender helped the business gain new funding allowing creditor payments to be met. This built a stable platform on which the business could then execute its trading plan and ultimately find a way forward.”

James Dewar

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