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How to prepare business operations for an event that affects just about every function? Are there plans and processes in place to face significant disruption? The impact of recent global events has underlined the importance of operational resilience for businesses. It has never been more important to be able to face rapidly changing circumstances.

Understanding your business services and the reliance on resources to deliver those services is the difference between a business making it through a crisis and perishing. Though financial services regulators were the first to drive operational resilience, it has now become important for firms across industries. As a result, board rooms are acknowledging the need to future-proof their businesses.

However, the path to resilience is rarely straightforward. There are additional challenges for legacy businesses, fragmented tools and finding a ‘single version of truth’ when it comes to data. We understand how critical it is to prepare your business for disruptive events and what it takes to make that happen.

Along with scalable tools, relevant and extensive data sets guide our experts to create a resilience programme for you. They can help your business increase efficiency and integrate and align existing regimes . Beyond that, your business can withstand disruption and boost brand equity. We don’t see resilience as a one-time exercise; we enable you to continually improve supply chains, production and customer service.

Our services

  • Data and tooling: We look at effective data to shape long-term scalability and sustainability in operational resilience for your business.
    Data availability: We help you identify the kind of data you need to capture, required scale, pros and cons of underlying systems and current reporting requirements.
  • Vendors: We thoroughly evaluate your business needs and make suitable enterprise solution recommendations.
  • Functionality: We help ensure that the target solution can deliver on emerging requirements, while remaining aligned to your firm’s broader tooling strategy.
  • Data integrity: We align your underlying systems so that you can maintain a ‘single version of truth’ of the resilience data.
  • Critical path: Unless you assess tooling requirement at an early stage in the operational resilience plan, your scalability and sustainability remain at risk. Thus, we map every step of your roadmap to resilience.

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