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If regulated organisations are found at fault due to conduct, regulatory or financial crime issues, the resulting remediation programmes can be a huge financial and operational burden. While high profile remediation programmes such as Payment Protection Insurance claims may have ended, there is still significant pressure on regulated firms to manage risks and act swiftly when they occur.

KPMG partners with clients to deliver remediation programmes. We tailor our approaches to meet your specific needs. From the deployment of subject matter expert resources and providing guidance on a firm’s conduct risk management, through to the mobilisation and management of 100+ full time outsourced remediation operations.

We also go beyond remediation, working with our clients to assess areas of risk, using analytics-led approaches to identify and resolve sales, service and compliance issues early. This reduces the need for remediation. We can help with post-remediation by conducting root cause analysis to identify underlying causes, reducing the risk of similar issues emerging again.

How we can help you

With an extensive team and global network of risk experts, we can help you tackle your business challenges. Using the latest technologies, we’ll build a strategy with you to help future proof in the new reality.

  • Identifying impacted customers and determining appropriate treatment strategies.
  • Sourcing the data required to quantify remediation impacts and to rectify deficiencies in record keeping e.g. in Customer Due Diligence files.
  • Sourcing experienced and capable staff to resource large-scale operations.
  • Planning and managing the execution of a remediation book of work and responding efficiently to peaks and troughs in volumes.
  • Standing up an effective remediation workflow which integrates data from all required internal and external sources.

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