K-Helix is an established XBRL provider across the UK, EU and wider EEA, simplifying XBRL reporting for a wide range of regulatory reporting requirements.  We have been helping users since 2013, extending the range of XBRL taxonomies we support to include those issued by the European Banking Authority, Bank of England, Single Resolution Board, Bundesbank, Banco de Portugal, Banque de France and De Nederlandsche Bank.

K-Helix is a desktop application capable of download within minutes and designed for the largest of financial institutions, right down to the smallest. K-Helix is currently used by a wide range of our clients from Tier 1 banks to building societies, brokers, hedge funds and credit institutions. 

How can K-Helix help you in your XBRL reporting process?

  • Wide range of regulatory reports - Access to over 60 reports, spanning various Regulatory Agencies including European Banking Authority, Bank of England, Single Resolution Board and many more.
  • Real time validations - K-Helix runs all validations released by the regulator in real-time, comprising tens of thousands of checks.
  • XBRL embedded - XBRL embedded ‘behind the scenes’, removing the need for users to understand XBRL itself.
  • Latest regulatory updates - Releases made available within weeks of the publication of new or amended reporting requirements.
  • Flexible data gathering - Import hundreds of thousands of data points with ease, directly from existing Excel set-ups.
  • Historical return access - Import, view and store historic XBRL files, all in one easily accessible location.
  • Built-in audit trail - Track and trace all changes to reports, including imports and data changes by users.

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